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A Variety of Oral Appliances for Your Unique Needs in Lincoln, NE

There are a wide variety of oral appliances on the market today for sleep apnea treatment, and no one option is the perfect fit for every single patient. That’s why Dr. Claire Haag and our Lincoln, NE team offer several options that can improve your jaw’s alignment and keep you breathing easy throughout the night. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

The Dorsal

Dorsal oral appliance The Dorsal Appliance is one of the most popular choices for treating snoring/sleep apnea. It consists of two separate worn pieces that allow patients to still talk clearly and yawn comfortably while wearing it. Adjustable screws allow for a wide range of jaw positioning as well. While wearing their Dorsal Appliance, patients should be able to sleep comfortably without any airway obstruction occurring, which allows for normal breathing and reduced snoring/pauses in sleep.

Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA)

Elastic Mandibular Advancement EMA gently adjust the lower jaw and opens the patient’s bite with elastic straps that increase their airway space, allowing for comfortable, steady breathing. You’ll be able to talk and even drink water while wearing the metal-free device, and the straps can be changed by the patient with no additional visits to our office required. EMA is TMJ-friendly as well, which means that patients are less likely to develop facial discomfort over time through diligent use. 


TAP oral device The TAP® device consists of a tray that’s designed to fit over the upper teeth and a second, separate tray that fits over the lower teeth. A hook then attaches both trays and positions the lower jaw forward in order to prevent airway collapse/blockage. This unique design allows patients to adjust their device themselves to the most comfortable and effective position possible, resulting in quality, uninterrupted sleep they can fully enjoy at last.


dreamTAP oral device dreamTAP® is the newest TAP® oral appliance, and it provides patients with several valuable improvements, including improved tongue space, allergen-free hardware, and different varieties of hook sizes for a wide range of possible adjustments. For most patients who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, dreamTAP is over 90% successful in treating their symptoms!

Herbest Oral Device

Henbest Oral DeviceDr. Haag, offers the Herbest Oral Device that allows patients to move vertically and laterally without disengaging the appliance

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