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You deserve to sleep soundly and comfortably each and every night, waking up in the morning feeling ready for the day ahead. If sleep apnea is making this difficult or even impossible for you, don’t hesitate to contact our Sleep Apnea Center at Pioneers Greens Dentistry today for knowledgeable and effective treatment that can make a real difference in your life. Dr. Claire Haag partners with many of the top physicians at Bryan Health Hospital to provide the highest caliber of care possible! Patients from all over Nebraska and beyond have sought help with finding a solution to their sleep apnea and are welcomed at our Lincoln practice.

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Reclaim A Good Night’s Sleep

Did you know that over 40 million US adults are suspected to suffer from a sleep disorder? Out of that number, half are experiencing sleep apnea on a regular basis, according to recent studies completed by the National Sleep Foundation. What’s worse is that nearly 80% of cases are either misdiagnosed or never diagnosed at all. Dr. Claire wants to shed some light on your sleep problems and help you enjoy getting into bed each and every night.

Why Should I Go To A Dentist?

Traditionally, patients suffering from sleep apnea have used CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) systems to relieve their symptoms. However, oral appliance therapy is quickly growing in popularity because of its convenience and effective results, and trained dentists like Dr. Claire are the only professionals who are qualified to design and create them. Your new “nightguard” will be designed to comfortably reposition the jaw and open the airway, allowing patients to breathe easy at last. We want to ensure the best possible care for your condition, which is why we take a team approach by partnering with excellent physicians from Bryan Health Hospital to provide advanced diagnostic attention and treatment!

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