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Proven Sleep Apnea Therapy for Lincoln, Nebraska

Do you regularly wake up with a painful headache, an excessively dry mouth, or a sore throat? Do you suffer from loud, chronic snoring that regularly wakes up the other members of your house? Do you feel exhausted all day, no matter how much sleep you had the night before? These are all tell-tale signs of sleep apnea, and you can learn more with help from The Dental Sleep Apnea Center at Pioneer Greens Dentistry.

Dr. Claire Haag and the rest of our staff offer a variety of services that can not only diagnose sleep apnea, but treat it effectively so that patients are able to once again enjoy quality sleep and well-rested mornings. We approach your treatment as a team effort, working with some of the top physicians from Bryan Health hospital to ensure exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation here in Lincoln, or if you have any questions! Patients from Prairie Home, NE and surrounding areas are welcomed.

Sleep Loss Can Be Dangerous and Even Deadly

There’s plenty of things we all want in order to live a better life, but only a few of those are absolutely necessary for survival – air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. Sleep gives your body a vital opportunity to repair itself and renew its energy each day. Without an adequate amount of sleep, several consequences can occur – your temperature can’t be reliably regulated, your food doesn’t digest the proper way, and even regular functionality can become severely impaired.

Your body is experiencing stress every day, especially during physical activity. Whether you’re going on a long run or simply taking deep breaths, your heart is beating to facilitate that movement. During sleep, it’s able to beat slower as a relief. However, the hearts of patients with sleep apnea aren’t able to achieve that needed rest. Quite the opposite, in fact – the heart experiences additional strain because of the lack of oxygen and the repeated awakenings of the patient throughout the night. This is why sleep apnea has been linked with increased risks for strokes, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks.

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Are you routinely experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea? Have you been diagnosed by a physician? Are you unable to achieve relief with traditional CPAP treatment? Wherever you are in the process, the Dental Sleep Apnea Center at Pioneer Greens Dentistry is here to help. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’re ready to schedule a complimentary sleep apnea consultation. We look forward to helping you enjoy the restful, uninterrupted sleep you deserve!

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